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Vocals/Guitar: Taylor Roberts


Drums: Devin attard

While Riding with Killers is a new entity, the members are comprised of well seasoned industry veterans. Taylor Roberts, front man and mastermind of RWK, (formerly of Cathercist/Wild Fire), met drummer Dave Coughlin on 2013 while on tour together. Dave was playing drums for Nu Metal giants, Taproot, with Taylor’s band, “Cathercist” opening. The pair instantly hit it off on the road. Years later, after many talks of playing and writing music together, the idea finally gained life after Roberts left his band and home on the Gulf Coast, moving north in the pursuit of focusing more on music.


Dave and Taylor began writing and recording music at the end of 2018 and would spend the next few years writing songs with the help of Tim Krukowski (formerly of Sponge), and recording with Taylor’s long time friend and producer Matthew LaPlant. James Lascu, (formerly of Wilson) began to write and record with the two at the end of 2020. Oddly enough the three have crossed paths in Roberts’ hometown throughout the years.


Despite working quietly in the background, Riding with Killers has enjoyed an explosive start to their live performances in 2020 during the pandemic; their first show being a live-stream for world renowned microphone company, SHURE. Followed up by a direct support slot for multi-platinum guitarist Mark Tremonti with his solo project “Tremonti” and Atlanta rock icons Sevendust. This would lead to an invitation home for Roberts, by longtime friends Kenny Vest and Scot Fox of The Gulf Coast’s number 1 Rock Station; 97.9 WCPR FM to play CPR Fest 20 with 3 Doors Down, Seether, Nonpoint, and Bad Flower, headlining the second stage.


Dave stepping up to being the touring drummer for Detroit legends; Sponge at the end of 2021, has allowed for Devin Attard to jump into the drummers seat during the summer of 2022 to start a new chapter for RWK. Notably in the interim, Roberts would hire New Orleans native, Sean Doria to perform alongside him and James Lascu at CPR Fest in Biloxi.







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